Sign Up as a VeloPro Affiliate

VeloPro affiliates are companies that offer the VeloPro service under their own brand name, and share in the success of the service. The following are company types that find our easy to use training service so awesome that they want to offer it to their own riders:

  • Spin Studios Get your customers in shape, prepare them for outdoor rides, and further engage them in the pursuit of cycling greatness.
  • Event Organizers A trained athlete is less likely to get injured, better understands their current performance, and will ultimately ride safer and have a better time at your event.
  • Club Teams Provide your team the same goals and workouts, but tailored to each rider's capabilities so that everyone arrives at their goal fully prepared.

How Does It Work?

We have an easy sign up process where you provide information about your company, your logo, etc. We then work with you to tailor a few of our customer facing webpages, sign a contract, and voila, you have your own version of VeloPro and begin sharing in the revenues from the site. Click one of the buttons below to get started!