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Verve Cycling’s PowerBrain service is provided by VeloPro INC. as part of the VeloPro Affiliate Program.

About Verve Cycling

Verve Cycling is family-owned global company. We combine relentless technical innovation with state-of-the-art crank fabrication, to produce the legendary Verve Cycling InfoCrank® power meter. InfoCrank has been rated as the most reliable and accurate power meter on the market. We’re proud that InfoCrank is the official power meter of the UCI World Cycling Centre and British Cycling. We are motivated by our involvement with leading national and state institutes that focus on Olympic and World Champion podiums. Our challenge is to develop products for the highest level of competitive cycling sports, and then deliver those same products to cyclists and triathletes of all levels at an affordable price. This means that professionals and amateurs have access to the exact same equipment. We believe this top-down approach is essential for supporting the development of young riders. It also ensures that any athlete can maintain a true record of their power throughout their training and competitive career.

About VeloPro

VeloPro is the world leader in AI-based cycling training. We founded VeloPro because of our passion for riding, the incredible rush of achieving a personal goal and the satisfaction of helping others succeed. We know the only way to avoid plateaus and continue to get fitter, stronger and faster is with expert structured training. That’s why we created the VeloPro dynamic training system. We offer personalized training plans based on your goals, needs and schedule, and continually optimize them as you progress. VeloPro is based on the same science and technology used by world-class professional athletes. At VeloPro, we believe that with a little help anyone can train to peak performance and experience the thrill of cycling to a new personal best.

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